About Us

Heritage International, Ltd., has its roots in a 1995 profession-to-profession homestay exchange program that brought a delegation of Wisconsinites to the quaint village of Bogorodskoye, approximately 45 miles northeast of Moscow. So taken by the quality of the craftsmanship of the Bogorodskoye Woodcarving Factory, several entrepreneurs taking part in the exchange decided then and there to establish Heritage International and went on to negotiate their first purchase.

For many years Russia was the only country from where Heritage International imported gift items. We expanded our horizons, and for several years we brought in Ukraine glass and lacquer boxes.  In 1999 a company approached us to sell their ceramic ornaments from Uzbekistan.  We started very small, showing the crafts of very talented artists from Uzbekistan.  The ornaments soon became “the item to have”.

While some former USSR gift companies are motivated purely by the desire for profit, Heritage International is motivated by the satisfaction we receive knowing how every item we sell helps contribute to the economic well-being of an entire community. As Uzbekistan citizens continue their struggle in a difficult economic time, we know we are helping to make the transition an easier one by creating a larger market and keeping people hard at work.

We're proud to offer these unique, handcrafted items that tell the story of the people who produce them. We know that you will also take great pride in the fact that every purchase you make, makes a difference in the everyday lives of others.